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Slow roasted

After a smooth decade of pigment bliss, OGSB has done more than redefine the tradition of pigment milling. Making each bottle, from the ground up, by hand. The process here, averages out as a nine month pace. With some tones taking twice as long to mill, perfection is promised before being bottled and sent out for testing.  This is a solo mission with a level of attention that would obviously leave anyone (certainly myself) completely over worked. 
Welcome to the end of OGSB.


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simplicity, supreme

"Small batch" existed here before it was merely a term thrown around by any hipster making homemade relish out of their dormroom. Small batches are critical.
Since you are already here, I will assume you understand the importance of detail, cleanliness and superiority in pigment manufacturing.
Simplicity is key. Vodka is paramount.
Gimmick-free, each batch has always been individually pampered out of shear necessity.


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End of an era

The end is not near, the end is here. What ever is available for purchase today, may not be available tomorrow. OGSB will not be made again, ever. Current stock is blindly racing off the cliffs of consumer-availability. As each color is limited in this physical world, there is nothing I can or will do when these quantities have merged with oblivion.
Your tears will not save you.